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A timeless drink with quality that keeps improving

Choisi VS is established in Toronto, Ontario Brought to market by black entrepreneurs. We offer everything a good brandy should have, Choisi VS is very keen on providing the best quality.

Being the very first French brandy, high-quality Armagnac provides a unique taste and experience found in no other drink out there.


Pure, high-quality Armagnac

A beverage derived from incredibly precise, specific processes of cultivation, distillation, and aging. Aged in cellars with carefully regulated conditions, Armagnac is quality controlled by the INAO (Institut National des Appellation d’Origine) in order to ensure a trustworthy product.

Cloud Estate 360 Armagnac

Armagnac is the oldest French eau-de-vie with its commercialisation dating back to the 15th century. Originally stored in wooden barrels for transportation and efficiency purposes, the bottling of Armagnac soon begun after the war or 39-45 in order to help consumers know what they were buying. Though there are different methods of preparing this high-quality drink, the main harvesting and distillation process remains the same. Cultivated from a plot of vines, the wine then undergoes a single round of column distillation in order to achieve its desired purity and alcohol content. The product is then aged in regulated cellars that provide the ideal conditions for quality control over the first year of ageing, as regulated by the INAO. The vigorous process of cultivating, distilling, ageing, and regulating Armagnac is what makes the beverage so unique and what gives it its value.

Specific Distillation

Using a traditional artisanal size alembic system, Armagnac undergoes a single round of column distillation in order to achieve its desired alcohol content.

Carefully Aged

Aged in specific cellars with certified conditions, Armagnac is quality controlled according to the INAO in order to ensure the best product possible.

Guaranteed Quality

The implementation of specific quality control measures simply adds to the sale argument of our Armagnac as well as its quality. These measures also demonstrate the seriousness of the profession as well as traceability of the product.

Unmatched Taste

Armagnac is made using extensive knowledge of the beverage and its production process. Being knowledgeable on the history of the product and utilizing the techniques that have been refined over the years in order to make the best product possible, Armagnac reaches a unique taste that distinguishes it from other brandies.