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✔     Shower and tub scrubbed clean
✔     Toilet scrubbed clean, disinfected
✔     Sinks hand-washed
✔     Shower glass cleaned
✔     Counters hand-washed
✔     Mirrors cleaned and shined
✔     Fixtures cleaned and shined
✔     Remove smudges from light switch plates
✔     Floors hand washed
✔     Clean & sanitize trash cans
✔     Tile scrubbed clean
✔     Hand wash exposed baseboards


✔    Clean and sanitize interior and exterior of microwave
✔     Hand-wash clean the stove and backsplash
✔     Hand-wash cabinets and drawer exteriors
✔     Clean the exterior of appliances
✔     Clean the interior of refrigerator
✔    Clean the interior of oven
✔     Clean and sanitize the sink
✔     Load breakfast dishes into the dishwasher
✔     Hand-wash counters
✔     Wipe clean the kitchen window
✔     Wipe down tables and chairs
✔     Wash floor with special attention to corners
✔     Hand-wipe clean inside and outside of the trash can
✔     Tidy up, remove trash, reline the trash can
✔     Hand wash exposed baseboards


✔     Tidy up, and make beds
✔     Change linens when provided
✔     Clean tile and wood floors, vacuum carpet
✔     Dust and polish furniture
✔     Remove trash 
✔     Clean and sanitize trash can, inside and out
✔     Remove high cobwebs
✔     Remove dust from ceiling fan
✔     Remove smudges from light switch plates
✔     Wipe clean picture frames
✔     Wipe clean window sills and sashes 
✔     Hand wash exposed baseboards

Every Room

✔     Wash wood floors, tile floors, vacuum carpets
✔     Vacuum couches and upholstered chairs
✔     Dust and polish furniture
✔     Remove cobwebs
✔     Remove dust from blinds
✔     Remove dust from ceiling fans
✔     Remove smudges from light switch plates
✔     Remove smudges from doors
✔     Hand-wash inside and outside of trash cans
✔     Hand-wash window sills and sashes
✔     Hand-wash front door glass
✔     Hand-wash sliding glass doors, vacuum tracks
✔     Hand wash exposed baseboards
✔     Pick up and straighten, remove trash

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